A couple of words from people I am friends with and who are familiar with it all:

The split-cane rod – my key to recovery!

Whenever I want to recover from daily work’s pressure and the fast-living world, I grab my spliced rod and visit my favourite fishing place. Once I have arrived, installed and thrown out the line, I immediately experience the typical feeling of a bamboo rod. Its power fibres help me to get into another rhythm and to become much more aware of the moments I am spending on my favourite fishing spot.
And that is the reason why there is this certain relationship between me and my spliced rod, which became a part of me for the rest of my life.

Daniel Hoda


I was apprentice in the “sacred halls” of rodmaking. I experienced a warm welcome, patience and enormous knowledge.
I left the place with a fantastic rod, which to me is a lot more than just a fishing tackle.
All my life, the rod will remind me of the special craft and the good time I had while creating it. When used for fishing, the rod gives back what it once received.

Tom Bärmann

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