A way that everyone can walk

In the days when I started, there was no German literature that I could have used for help. I was left with the internet.
In the beginning I asked acquaintances who were teaching english to translate american texts about split rodmaking, because there is a huge rodmaker-scene in America. Later I worked my way through texts and illustrations myself. Tools and accessories I got one after another for pay- or birthdays. It is a great feeling to hold a Lie-Nielsen scrapper in your hands. With good tools, the way to success becomes easier. Bit by bit the basis for the first self-made split rod was completed.

One part of it, which was important as well as cheap, was a plane-mould made of metal. This one I filed with much effort for months.
Such moulds can be bought today - for example in Switzerland - in a fine quality and for a corresponding price. And in case you are somehow not making progress, you might ask the “family of rodmakers” for help. In the meantime there is a regular yearly rodmaker-meeting where enthusiasts from all over the world participate and one eagerly helps another. There, beginners and everyone who is interested are more than welcome.


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