The passion was caused by a book.

Myself being a fisherman who was usually catching carp and co., I was watching those ones with envy and deep respect, that were elegantly fishing in rivers for trout. I wanted to be a fly fisher too: standing in clear rivers within beautiful landscapes and swinging the fishing line in a wonderful way through the air. It was said and done.
“Fly fishing for beginners” was the name of the book which I already put aside after studying the first few pages. Why? – the attentive reader might ask.

“Being a beginner do not use a split rod for heavens sake! As those are much too valuable.”

My self-education in fly fishing ended right on this spot. I followed up the mysterious object of the split rod. Today I can call myself a rodmaker – always looking for new ideas and inspiration. Curiosity made me go all the way of becoming a rodmaker to the end.

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Fly fishing for beginners
Fly fishing for beginners
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