A split-cane fly rod

  • is a fishing tackle with a soul,
  • is the best connection with the fish,
  • is worth more than you paid for,
  • delights the heart,
  • even attracts non-fishermen,
  • is elegant and beautiful,
  • is a symbiosis of nature, technology, craft and art,
  • is individuality and helps to phase out from “faster, easier, further”,
  • is down-to-earth and sustainable,
  • is easy-care and robust,
  • is quality of life and
  • brings back lost esteem.

Split-cane fly rods are fishing rods used for fly fishing. They are made by rodmakers in the finest and most creative fashion out of the cane of a certain bamboo species (Arundinaria amabilis).

The bamboo is split into strips, directed, planed to conical triangles and glued together. Usually six triangled strips of 60° each are glued together to a rod blank, taking six pieces for the butt section and six pieces for the tip part.

A cork handle, a reel seat, paint and guides complete the fishing gear. By using plug sleeves, the rod becomes transportable. So much about the theory.


Grafik Rute

Griff, Rollenhalter, Ringe und Hülsen

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